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This is a wonderful time to be involved in a project of this kind. Thanks to new technologies, today we can print everything we wish, at any time, in the amounts needed. It is fascinating to see a common citizen become his or her own publisher, thanks to our help.

Although I grew up with traditional books, and even today the printed page holds great fascination to me, I know that soon digital formats will dominate in this area, and as a publisher I won't be left behind. Várzea da Rainha is the most advanced publishing company in the development of solutions for this new world of books that has arrived.

Zita Seabra, Founder and Director of Várzea da Rainha Impressores

Mission and Values
The company was founded in 2010, as the result of the vision of Zita Seabra. As president of an important Portuguese publishing house, she realized the liberating potential of new printing technologies and decided to create a company to give any person the possibility of publishing his or her book. Located at the entrance of the historic village of Óbidos,Várzea da Rainha quickly acquired an annual list of orders that now exceeds one thousand.   Várzea da Rainha exists in order to provide flexible and quality solutions to needs in a time of crisis. The production of small runs (without excluding other larger ones) is our distinctive trait. Clients may be either authors or institutions, or any person who requires graphic services. From books to presentation cards, from posters to vinyl, nothing that can be printed is beyond our reach.
Our values: Flexibility, Convenience, Quality